HyperTrack Xamarin SDK Setup

To use HyperTrack SDK in your Xamarin iOS app, we first need to link the hypertrack bindings dll to your Xamarin iOS . This binding is a wrapper around the native iOS SDKs.

Step 1: Install the SDK

You can download dlls of the hypertrack binding from https://github.com/hypertrack/hypertrack-xamarin/releases.

Add the dll files to the project by going to

  • References -> Edit References -> Browse -> PATH_TO_HYPERTRACK_DLL

Add the following swift packages to your app

  • Xamarin.Swift3
  • Xamarin.Swift3.Core
  • Xamarin.Swift3.CoreGraphics
  • Xamarin.Swift3.CoreImage-->
  • Xamarin.Swift3.CoreLocation
  • Xamarin.Swift3.Darwin
  • Xamarin.Swift3.Dispatch
  • Xamarin.Swift3.Foundation
  • Xamarin.Swift3.MapKit
  • Xamarin.Swift3.ObjectiveC
  • Xamarin.Swift3.QuartzCore
  • Xamarin.Swift3.UIKit

Step 2: Configure the SDK

Now that the SDK has been installed, you can use the SDK methods. Configure your publishable key and initialise the SDK.

using HTBind;

Step 3: Native capabilities

Follow these steps to setup native capabilities for iOS and Android.

Step 4 : Enable location permissions


The SDK requires Location permission to be granted to the app and for Location Services to be enabled for the device.

// To request Location Permissions

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