Building blocks for your location features.

Live location features require infrastructure for the mobile device, cloud and visualisations. With HyperTrack, you can build these features with just a few lines of code that just work.

Our mobile SDK collects location, activity, and device health data. With our building blocks, you can use this data to build your location features.

Building blocks


What you define

  • Define the User to identify who is being tracked. These can be riders, salespersons, members of your fleet, or any other user of your mobile app.

  • Optionally, you can define the Action to represent important actions assigned and completed by your users that you want to track. These can be pickups, deliveries, sales visits, or any other action taken by your users.

What you get

HyperTrack generates a Placeline, which combines the location (where they are), activity (what they are doing), and device health (how their device is doing) data of your users.

In addition, for actions, you can also get the ETA (time remaining), status (leaving now or arriving), and mileage (distance traveled). You can consume these as data, visualisations, or events.

How you can consume

  • Data: With the our REST API and helper methods in the SDK you can get this data on your backend server or the mobile app.

  • Visualisations: You can embed beautiful maps with real time tracking in your mobile apps, or in your internal dashboards.

  • Events: You get events delivered to your server via webhooks, or directly to your Slack channel. There are events for users (like, user.activity.walking) or actions (like, action.delayed).

What you can build

Apps for work

Use case Description
Order tracking Build order tracking views in your product experience and business dashboards
Location-based assignments Build location-based assignments and dispatch for your on-demand business

Apps for consumers

Use case Description
Live location sharing Build secure and private live location sharing for your app users
Geofencing Set time or location based geofences to be notified when your users visits a particular place of interest

If you are looking to use HyperTrack to build something other than what's listed above, please let us know at help@hypertrack.com! We love to hear about new and unique ways developers use HyperTrack, and would love to feature you on our website.

Demos and sample apps

  • Subscribe to our status page, and get real-time API alerts on email.
  • Connect with other HyperTrack users on our Slack community and get support.

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