HyperTrack is the fastest way to build live location features for developers. Building dynamic location features requires you to build and operate infrastructure for the device, cloud and visualization. With HyperTrack, you can build features with just a few lines of code that just work, allowing you to focus on building your core business applications and features.

What you can build

Below are a few of the use cases developers are currently using HyperTrack for:

  • Order Tracking: Build order tracking views in your product experience and business dashboards.
  • Workforce Monitoring: Build workforce monitoring of your fleet to power operational efficiencies.
  • Mileage Tracking: Build automatic mileage tracking for expense management of sales and service teams.
  • Location-based Assignments: Build location-based assignments for your on-demand business.
  • Live Location Sharing: Build secure and private live location sharing for your app users.
  • Geofences: Set time or location based geofences to be notified when your users visits a particular place of interest.

If you are looking to use HyperTrack to build something other than what's listed above, please let us know at! We love to hear about new and unique ways developers use HyperTrack, and would love to feature you on our website.

How it works

Following are the entities that you need to use HyperTrack.

Entity Description
User Represents the person who is being tracked
Action Represents a transaction event (e.g., pickup, delivery, visit, appointment, drop-off) being performed by the User
Place Represents a place of interest that an User may visit, or where an Action is expected
Group Represents a collection of Users
Geofence Set a geofence to be notified when User enters or leaves certain place

Demos and sample apps

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