HyperTrack is the plug-and-play location stack for developers. Building dynamic location features requires you to build and operate infrastructure for the device, cloud and visualization. With HyperTrack, you can build features with just a few lines of code that just work, allowing you to focus on building your core business applications and features.

What you can build

Here are some location features that developers use HyperTrack for:

  • Events: Get programmable events for things that happen throughout the day
  • Mileage: Get miles/km of users for things like expense tracking and fuel reimbursements
  • Profile: Get places visited by users with frequency of visits
  • Replays: Get replays of trips, stops and events in the user’s life
  • Dashboards: Get beautiful views of location data embedded in your dashboard
  • Live tracking: Get beautiful tracking experiences integrated with your product & brand
  • Assignment: Get nearest N users by time (or distance) to make smart assignments
  • ETAs: Get accurate ETAs for a series of actions expected from the user
  • Request tracking: Get users to share their location and request live tracking to it

How it works

HyperTrack integrates in just two easy steps:

  1. Plug our SDKs into your app: Our lightweight and open sourced SDKs collect and beam up battery-optimized and time-aware location data that work across devices and network conditions. The SDK streams this data to the HyperTrack API server that filters it in real-time to get it ready for you to view on dashboard, build your features and store for future analysis. Read about the SDKs.
  2. Build your location feature: Build your favorite location features in your product within minutes by using events (via webhooks) and actions (via APIs). Read about the API.


Experience our technology stack:

  • Live demo of dashboard: See the live demo of the HyperTrack dashboard with live and historical views on your location data. The live views show online users, live events, and live actions on maps. The historical views show the past trips & stops of your users, and metrics like distance traveled, and on-time performance for each user.

  • Live demo of tracking experience: The best way to touch and feel the end customer tracking experience is to get the HyperTrack Live app on Android or iOS. This free demo app built using HyperTrack lets you send a live tracking link to your friends and family when you are on the way. The recipient will be able to track you live on the web or inside the app, depending on which is available.

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