Mobile SDKs

Our mobile SDKs gets integrated into your app, collects location information and activity data in the background, and transmits them to our server in a battery optimized way. You retain full control of when to enable and disable location collection on SDK by calling startTracking and stopTracking methods of the SDK.

The SDKs are built to be offline first, and work under conditions with patchy or no mobile networks. This is achieved by caching data on the device when network is unavailable, and queueing network requests. Lastly, SDK provides methods for every API call that you may need.


Each platform (iOS, Android, and React Native) has the following five sections:

  • Setup: Guide to help you import the SDK into your app, configure it with your key, and request location permissions.

  • Basic Integration: Guide to help you see where your users are on a dashboard in real time.

  • Using actions: Guide to help you use Actions to mark important business events in your workflow. By using actions, you get accurate ETA, live tracking experience, real time alerts, mileage tracking, and more.

  • Guides: Library of advanced guides. For example, enabling APNSS/FCM/GCM for realtime tracking.

  • Methods reference: Library of all the available SDK methods.



The HyperTrack SDK is available for iOS, Android, and React Native.

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