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Why do I need HyperTrack?

Android and iOS provide location APIs

Building apps with location tracking need cloud APIs. OS APIs are restricted to the device.

Developers can register with the OS to get location as a callback based on elapsed time and distance. They are on their own to ingest data into the cloud with accuracy, real-timeness and battery efficiency, and manage the device-to-cloud infrastructure.

Maps companies provide SDKs/APIs and asset tracking

Maps companies are obsessed about mapping the planet. We are obsessed about mapping the device. Location tracking is different from mapping.

Maps SDKs/APIs are great for navigation, places, routes and beautiful visual experiences. Developers are on their own to generate and manage location data in the cloud, in order to use maps. Maps need them to BYOB (Bring Your Own Blue-dots).

My team has built location features and they work

Building simple apps with location tracking requires building complex infrastructure on the device, cloud and maps. Building and operating such infrastructure requires expertise in device OS, cloud devops and maps domain. HyperTrack manages this infrastructure for you so you can focus on building your core business application.for another.

My developers can build this in a few weeks

The difficulty of generating, managing and using location streams is evasive. Focus on building the feature, not infrastructure. If you still choose to build infrastructure, HyperTrack offers a variety of free content and open source code that your developers can use.

What does HyperTrack provide?

What kind of realtimeness can I achieve?

Places and routes within a minute (it takes time to confirm if the user really visited a place). Location within a few seconds.

What kind of accuracy can I expect?

Enough to run your business on it. We are improving every day.

How much battery do you consume?

Noticeable but not prohibitive. Currently it is 5-10 mAh per hour and getting lower.

How do I get started?

How do I start tracking my app users?

Add the SDK to your app in minutes and roll it out. You will start getting movement data as Placeline through webhooks, REST APIs and dashboard. The base product is called Live.

How do I build apps with this data?

Use expected_visits to tell us how your application is expecting users to move, and you will get features like geofencing, ETAs and more through various platforms that you know and love. This requires the add-on product called Visits & Trips.

How do I get reports for past data?

This requires the add-on product called Analytics. You can get reports and analysis of Visits & Trips as data and dashboards.

Do you provide support for ReactNative, Cordova, Ionic, etc.?

Working on it. If you choose to create a bindings for these platforms and contribute to open source, we would thank you with love, recognition and rewards.

What about my data?

Where is the data or service hosted?

HyperTrack uses AWS. Your data can be pushed to you through webhooks or pulled through REST APIs.

How are you going to use my data?

We will never reach out to your users or sell your data to anyone. We use anonymized data from our aggregate usage to continuously improve our quality of service.

Can I retrieve historical data?

Yes. It requires the add-on product called Analytics.