Get ETA, status and mileage

What are Actions

Key actions performed by users in your app may be posted as actions in the HyperTrack API. For instance, apps for work want to track pickups, deliveries and appointments; and apps for consumers want to track meetups, visits and payments. Post these as actions. As such, actions can be anything you want to track with HyperTrack.

How to use Actions

For actions that you wish to track, call createAction when they are created in your system, assignAction when they are assigned to the user and completeAction when they are completed by the user. You may create, assign or complete in the same API call or separately. These API calls can be made from the app or backend depending on what fits best with your workflow.

Use Actions via backend

If your backend is the source-of-truth for the Actions, create, assign and complete Actions from your backend. Backend Guide

Use Actions via the app

If your app has all the latest details of the Actions, create, assign and complete Actions using the SDK methods.
Android Guide iOS Guide ReactNative Guide

Why use Actions

Annotate your user's Placeline with Actions as they happen. Programmatically query for the place where an action was completed, distance travelled for it, and so on. Get actionable real-time alerts for an action when user is delayed for an action, has completed it far away and many more.

Actions become your core building blocks for building live location features in your app. We have packaged frequently built features as use cases. As such, you can build a variety of features using actions, including features we have not imagined yet.

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