Test your integration

Once you have integrated the REST APIs, you can test your integration by using the TestDrive mobile app. TestDrive is available as an easy download on the App Store and Play Store. This app is built on top of the SDK, and can be used to mock the SDK and simulate movement.

Test API calls

Once the app has been configured, you can make the API calls in your workflow, and check how the SDK would react.

For example, you can try out the following API calls.

  1. Create a Task object
  2. Assign the Task to the Driver - SDK should start tracking at this point.
  3. Complete the Task - SDK should stop tracking at this point.

Configure the app

To listen to server-side API calls, the SDK needs to be configured for a Driver object. API calls for the Driver will reflect on the app, and can be used to test and simulate how the SDK will behave for specific calls.

To configure the app, we need to scan the QR code built for a driver. This QR code is available as the following API call. Once you have the QR code, just tap on the scan QR option in the app.

HTTP Request

GET https://app.hypertrack.io/api/v1/drivers/<id>/qr/

[info] Create a driver

If you don't have an id for your driver, use the create Driver API.

Configure TestDrive

Simulate locations

The app can also simulate locations while the SDK is actively tracking.

Simulate locations

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