API Entities

The HyperTrack API has the following entities. Use the links to find a detailed list of possible API calls for each one of them.


Entity Description
User Represents the person who is being tracked
Action Is the unit of tracking with HyperTrack. Could represents a meetup, pickup, delivery, visit, appointment, or drop-off being performed by the User
Place Represents a place of interest that an User may visit, or where an Action is expected
Group Represents a collection of Users
Rule Represents a rule that will autocreate and/or autocomplete action(s)


Every entity object created on HyperTrack has a unique identifier.

Identifier Description
id Unique uuid4 identifier that is generated by HyperTrack for every entity that you create on HyperTrack
unique_id String identifier that you can specify while creating objects on HyperTrack. It is the unique identifier of that entity in your system

unique_id enables get-or-create functionality for entities, with a 1-to-1 mapping between a unique identifier and an entity. For example, a create user API call with an existing unique_id will return the previously created user with the same unique_id. To fetch the user entity with these identifiers, you can use the follow API conventions. The same conventions apply to Action, Group and Place entities.

Identifier HTTP method Request url
id https://api.hypertrack.com/api/v2/users/USER_ID/
unique_id https://api.hypertrack.com/api/v2/users/?lookup_id=CUSTOM_ID

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