API Entities

The HyperTrack API has the following entities. Use the links to find a detailed list of possible API calls for each one of them.

Entity list

Entity Description
User Represents the person who is being tracked
Action Represents a transaction event (e.g., pickup, delivery, visit, appointment, drop-off) being performed by the User
Place Represents a place of interest that an User may visit, or where an Action is expected
Group Represents a collection of Users
Event An incident happens in the life of your users
Geofence Set a geofence to be notified when User enters or leaves certain place

Entity identifiers

Every entity object created on HyperTrack has a unique identifier.

Identifier Description
id Unique uuid4 identifier that is generated for every entity on HyperTrack
lookup_id String identifier that you can specify while creating objects on HyperTrack

For example, to fetch the user entity with these identifiers, use these APIs:

Identifier HTTP method Request url
id https://api.hypertrack.com/api/v1/users/USER_ID/
lookup_id https://api.hypertrack.com/api/v1/users/?lookup_id=CUSTOM_ID

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