HyperTrack is the plug-and-play location stack for developers. Building dynamic location features requires you to build and operate infrastructure for the device, cloud and visualization. With HyperTrack, you can build features with just a few lines of code that just work, allowing you to focus on building your core business applications and features.

What you can build

Here are some location features that developers use HyperTrack for:

  • Events: Get programmable events for things that happen throughout the day
  • Mileage: Get miles/km of users for things like expense tracking and fuel reimbursements
  • Profile: Get places visited by users with frequency of visits
  • Replays: Get replays of trips, stops and events in the user’s life
  • Dashboards: Get beautiful views of location data embedded in your dashboard
  • Live tracking: Get beautiful tracking experiences integrated with your product & brand
  • Assignment: Get nearest N users by time (or distance) to make smart assignments
  • ETAs: Get accurate ETAs for a series of actions expected from the user
  • Request tracking: Get users to share their location and request live tracking to it

We have put together some Tutorials around many of the above and will continue to add more.

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