HyperTrack SDK changelog

SDK v0.1.x (Stable Version: 0.1.31)


  • Fixes throwIndexOutOfBoundsException crash in HyperTrackMapFragment.updateMapWithActionSummary method in live tracking view.
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Changes returned type of getLastHeartbeatAt, getLastOnlineAt, getCreatedAt, getModifiedAt of User entitity from String to java.util.Date.
  • Changes HyperTrack.removeActions(List<String> actionsIds) method function if actionIds is null then remove all tracking actions.


  • Refactors Destination to Expected Place in live-tracking APIs including HyperTrackMapAdapter, MapFragmentCallback.
  • Adds isConnected API in User model. This API returns true if the connection status is healthy for this user.


  • Adds completeActionAndStopTrackingIfNoPendingAction API. This API allows to complete Actions and stop tracking in the SDK if the user has no pending actions.


  • Adds support for live tracking experience. Refer to the live-tracking documentation here to get started.


  • Bug Fixes and improvments.


  • Adds HyperTrack.cancelAction and HyperTrack.getActionsForLookupId API methods. With this HyperTrack.cancelAction developers can cancel the action and HyperTrack.getActionsForLookupId will return the list of actions for given lookupId.
  • Deprecated HyperTrack.trackActionsForUser API method and introduced new API method HyperTrack.trackAction for tracking Actions.
  • Removed Broadcast for ActionsStatusChanged and ActionRefreshed. To gets update for ActionStatusChanged and ActionRefreshed use MapFragmentCallback methods onActionStatusChanged and onActionRefreshed.


  • Adds Serializable property to User and Action models. This change enables serialization & deserialization of these models while sharing it using Intent extras or saving it into persistent storage.


  • With this version, HyperTrack SDK rejects all locations collected from Mock sources. To enable Mock locations for your development/testing, call HyperTrack.enableMockLocations(true) API. This will allow mock locations to be accepted by the SDK.


  • Fixes multiple consecitive stops getting detected: With SDK v0.1.21, there was a regression where multiple stops were getting detected for the user on device reboot or location settings changes. With these changes the multiple stops issue has been fixed.
  • Fixes live tracking experience latency issues


  • Fixes NullPointerException crash in getCurrentLocation API
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Removes Location Settings validations from startTracking API


  • Bug Fixes and improvements


  • Fixes OutOfMemory crashes in flushEvents method: We observed that because of a race condition, flushEvents API was getting executed multiple times and hence resulting in an OOM crash. This has been fixed with these changes.


  • Adds Builder pattern to Place model: With this change, constructing a Place object becomes easier. Refer to this code snippet for reference.
  • Adds getLatLng API in GeoJSONLocation model


  • Adds getUsersForLookupId API: With this change, getUsersForLookupId API can be used to fetch Users with lookupId matching to the one given as parameter. Refer to Get Users for a LookupId section for reference.
  • Fixes NullPointerException crash in SDKControlsManager.class
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Adds createAndAssignAction API: With this change, SDK now provides the createAndAssignAction API to create and assign an Action for the configured user in the SDK. Refer to Assigning Actions to a User section for reference.
  • Adds completeAction API: With this change, SDK also provides the completeAction API to complete an action for the configured user in the SDK. Refer to Completing An Action section for reference.
  • Fixes bug in clearServiceNotificationParams API: With this change, the issue where the Service Notification's UI is not reset on clearServiceNotificationParams API call has been fixed.
  • Bug fixes and imporovements


  • Adds getAction API: With this change, SDK provides getAction API to fetch Action details for an action_id. Refer to Fetch Action Details section for reference.


  • Adds setServiceNotificationParams & clearServiceNotificationParams APIs: With this release, SDK has APIs to enable customization for SDK's sticky service notification. Refer to Customize notification doc for reference.


  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Fixes inaccurate location geofenced issues.
  • Adds HyperTrackEventCallback support to receive HyperTrack events in app.


  • Adds HyperTrack SDK events broadcasts.

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