Trip playback

If you operate a company where products being picked and dropped or service being rendered are within a regulated industry (e.g, pharmacy marketplace, at-home medical services), ability to audit is critical. Auditing workforce inside your premises is easy, but not when they are out and about.

HyperTrack stores every mile of travel. Replay past trips to audit exact time & locations of any of your driver, task or trip. Retrieve logs of all the events that took place during a trip.

The journals can also help you effectively resolve customer complaints. You can back in history of every customer order, and see what happened.

Integrating Trips

The Trip entity represents a journey for the Driver with a location stream, forming a polyline with distance.

To integrate, install the SDK on your preferred platform, and implement Trips.

Replay a historical trip

Now that you have started tracking your trips, you will see these coming live on your HyperTrack dashboard.

To replay a historical trip, just visit, and search for an order by Order Id, Driver Name, or Customer Name. Choose the trip that you want to replay. And just press the play button to start the replay.

Trip playback

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