Build Mileage Tracking

HyperTrack can help you accurately measure the distance and time traveled by your users. This may be used to charge your customers for their orders, or reimburse users for fuel and maintenance costs, or measure the productivity of your workforce.

Any transaction (pickup, delivery, visit etc.) is represented by Action objects in HyperTrack API. You can create, assign, and complete actions through API calls to HyperTrack. These calls can be made from your backend or smartphone app. We measure time elapsed and distance travelled between assign action and complete action calls. Mileage information is available to you through /meter API call.

Trip summary

Step 1: Plug in the SDK and start tracking

Plug in the SDK into Android or iOS and start tracking. You can follow the iOS or Android guide to get started.

Step 2: Create and assign an action

Follow the guides here to create and assign actions. This will start metering for the assigned user.

Step 3: Complete an action

Complete the action when you want to stop metering.

Step 4: Meter the action

Use the Meter Action API to get the distance and duration traveled for the action object.

    "id": "fe9e22a1-f64a-4a2b-991e-d4455e768a58", // id of the action
    "distance": 1200, // meters
    "duration": 220 // seconds

Step 5: Stop tracking

Use the HyperTrack.stopTracking() methods in the SDK, in case you want to stop tracking at any point. This will work for Android and iOS.

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