When drivers are assigned a route (sequence) for performing their tasks, it is useful to get the real-time ETA for each transaction event (e.g. pickup, delivery, visit). These transaction events are represented by Task objects in HyperTrack API.

Calculating ETAs for the nth task in a trip isn't as simple as adding up transit times for each tasks that will be performed before it. For every task, we estimate the time it would take the driver to park the vehicle, walk up to the customer, perform the task, walk back to the parking, get out of parking and be on the way. This gets complicated because the time it takes to check-in and check-out from an address depends on a number of factors - address type (residential complex, office building, shopping area, etc.), vehicle type (bike, car, van, walk, etc.), task type (food delivery, furniture delivery, grocery pickup) and more.

HyperTrack absorbs this complexity and gives back accurate ETAs of next n tasks in a trip with just a few simple API calls. As the data grows with every task performed, the model learns from the data and improves the accuracy.

Task ETAs

Integrating Tasks

Every transaction event that requires an ETA is represented by a Task object in the API. Read more about using Tasks in your app.

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