SDK v1.5.x

v1.5.7 - v1.5.13

  • No Changes


  • Fixes getLastUpdatedETAInMinutes API implementation: There was an issue where this API was not returning accurate ETA value for a given task which has been fixed with these changes.

v1.5.2 - v1.5.5

  • No Changes


  • Fixes HeroMarker not visible on Task completion if Task Summary is disabled: This issue was a regression added in v1.4.6+ where HeroMarker was not getting displayed on Task completion in case the TaskSummary view had been disabled. This has been fixed in this update.
  • Adds onMapCleared callback in HTMapFragmentCallback: With these changes, onMapCleared(HTMapFragment mapFragment, GoogleMap map) has been added. This callback will be invoked once the map has been cleared and redrawn. Refer here for more info.

SDK v1.4.x (Stable Version: 1.4.20)

v1.4.19 - v1.4.20

  • No Changes


  • Fixes IllegalStateException crash in TaskStore (Timer was cancelled)
  • Fixes IllegalStateException crash in MqttAsyncClient (Timer was cancelled)


  • Fixes newLatLngBounds IllegalStateException crash in HTMapFragment
  • Fixes onSaveInstanceState IllegalStateException crash in HTMapFragment


  • Minor Bug fixes & improvements

v1.4.6 (Major Update)

  • Improves MapFragment & Task Animation: With these changes, we have significantly improved the ConsumerSDK Animation. These changes add a realtime-ness to the animation giving a much better tracking experience.
  • Increases ConsumerSDK's polling frequency to fetch Task details: With these changes, the polling frequency to fetch details for the Tasks being actively tracked has been increased. This has been done inorder to add realtime-ness to the Consumer SDK animation.

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