Upgrading the SDK

Upgrading the HyperTrack React Native wrapper requires a few additional steps on iOS. To find out the updated version, find the react-native-hypertrack module on npm.

Basic upgrade

The basic update steps are similar to any other React Native module.

  1. Update the package.json file in your project to the updated version.

  2. Run npm install to fetch the latest module.

  3. Build the project for Android or iOS.

With this the update for the Android platform will be complete.

"dependencies": {
    "react-native-hypertrack": "3.1.6"

Additional steps for iOS

For iOS, since the module is linked manually, there are a few additional steps.

  1. Run pod update in the ios directory of the project. This will ensure you have the latest native iOS SDK in your project.

  2. If you have completed the manual linking while setting up the SDK, find the RNHyperTrack.m and RNHyperTrack.h files in the ios directory of your project.

  3. Replace the contents of these files with the respective updated files in the SDK. If you are on the latest version, these will be same as the ones on the master branch of the module repository: RNHyperTrack.h and RNHyperTrack.m.

  4. Build the iOS project. You will now have the updated SDK and relevant wrapper code for React Native.

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