Troubleshoot iOS SDK

Error: No such module 'HyperTrack'

One of the reason when it happens is when after installing the sdkthrough cocoapods, you might be opening .xcodeproj. Make sure you always use the .xcworkspace file to open your project in Xcode, instead of the .xcodeproj.

Error: type 'HyperTrack' has no member 'functionName'

When you see a method reference in the documentation and get an error while using it after installing the SDK. First check the changelog and see if this method is added in a version greater than your current sdk version. If it is then do a pod update from the terminal.

Xcode 9 Compilation issues

After upgrading to Xcode 9, you will face compilation issue in Hypertrack related to zlib and Sqlite3.

Swift language version

build settings Ensure that the pods are getting compiled on Swift 3.2. To do this, open build settings for the Pods project inside the Xcode workspace, and search for "swift language version". This value should be Swift 3.2.

zlib issue

Error : Redefinition of module 'zlib'

Fix : Remove zlib module.modulemap

rm <Project Directory>/Pods/GzipSwift/zlib/module.modulemap

We are using a dependency GzipSwift in our code for compressing data that we send to our servers. This helps in improving sdk's battery performance as well as low data consumption. GzipSwift internally uses zlib. In iOS 11 SDK (present in Xcode 9, apple included zlib in objc module map .Since zlib is now present in iOS 11 SDK(present in Xcode 9) as well as in GzipSwift. We can fix this, but fixing this will mean breaking things on Xcode 8.

CSQLite issue

Error : CSQLite not found in Sqlite at import CSQLite statement

Fix : Replace CSQlite with Sqlite3. import SQLite3

In iOS 11 SDK (present in Xcode 9), the CSQlite class is now renamed to Sqlite3.

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