HyperTrack SDK changelog

Updating HyperTrack SDK

To update the sdk to the latest version, run pod update command in the terminal in your project directory.

SDK v0.7.x

SDK v0.7.0

A major release with lots of improvements and new features. A beautiful and more importantly, a customizable tracking experience as per your usecase and needs is released with this version of sdk.

  • New tracking experience to help you build beautiful order tracking and live location sharing experience
  • Lots of stability fixes
  • Cleaner api's

SDK v0.6.x


  • Stability Fixes


  • Some minor improvements to improve battery consumption
  • Stability Fixes.


  • Fixed issue in activity detection
  • Fixed transmission logic to not query for events when the network is offline


  • Improved accuracy of activity detection.
  • Improved accuracy of health events generation like location disabled and device switched off.
  • Improvement in realtimeness of tracking based on device health.
  • Accurate and realtime placeline view in the sdk.

SDK v0.4.x

Stable Version: Xcode 9 - 0.4.57 : Xcode 8 - 0.4.56


  • Added mock location tracking api which supports origin and destination. Now while mocking you can say where you want to start and where you want to end. More details here.
    let locationParams = HTMockLocationParams.init(destination: CLLocationCoordinate2D.init(latitude: 28.4712236, longitude: 77.1026893))


  • JustLog was removed from dependency list as it is causing some issues in Xcode 9.
  • Fixes related to STOP detection were made.


  • Edit destination feature while tracking an action on map is added. If you enable it, then the user can edit the destination directly from the tracking experience.
  • Place picker view is now exposed through SDK. Now if you want to create a place picker in your app for users to pick a place, then you can directly embed this view in your app. More details here.
  • CollectionId key in Action Params is added. CollectionId can be used to club a list of actions together
  • Some bugs in sdk are now fixed.
    • inconsistencies wrt case in activity names in Placeline View is fixed.
    • an issue with posting of battery and location config events is fixed.


  • An issue in placeline cell and mapview is fixed.


  • Placeline view is added in sdk. Now you can embed our placeline view in your own views. More details here.
    func getPlacelineView(frame:CGRect, forDate:Date? = nil) -> PlacelineView


  • Patch user api is added.
    func updateUser(_ name: String, _ phone: String? = nil, _ lookupID: String? = nil, _ photo: UIImage? = nil, _ completionHandler:     @escaping (_ user: HyperTrackUser?, _ error: HyperTrackError?) -> Void)


  • A customization to help developers show their own info view on the HyperTrack's map is added. Now you can query HTStatusInfo model which shows the dispayable properties of action.
    var statusInfo = forAction.getStatusCardInfo()


  • Geofencing method to the sdk is added, Now you can start monitoring an entry to a place through Hypertrack's sdk.
    func startMonitoringForEntryAtPlace(place: HyperTrackPlace, radius:CLLocationDistance ,identifier : String)
  • Some crashes in the sdk are now fixed


  • a lot of warnings in the SDK are now fixed.
  • UI Issues related to destination view are resolved.
  • Removed some customization delegate methods from HTViewCustomizationDelegate and added them as properties to HTMap.
  • Some fixes are made for accurate stop detection.

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