Place objects are important locations in the API. Places can be set as the expected end locations for Actions.

Place object

Methods Type Description
getId uuid string Unique identifier for the place object
getName String The name of the entity, eg, hub, customer location
getLocation GeoJSONLocation Location in GeoJSON format
getAddress String Street address of the object
getLandmark String Landmark near the object
getZipCode String Zip or postal code of the object
getCity String City of the object
getState String State of the object
getCountry String Country of the object
setLocation(Location location) void Sets the location in GeoJSON format
setLocation(Double latitude, Double longitude) void Sets the location in GeoJSON format
setAddress(String address) void Set the street address
setState(String state) void Set the state
setCountry(String country) void Set the country
setName(String name) void Set the name

Create a Place

Creates a new place object.

Parameter required to create ActionParams
Parameter Type Description
latitude, longitude Latitude, Longitude Latitude and Longitude of a place.
address String Address of the place
name String Unique identifier for the place object
  * Construct a place object for Action's expected place
  * @NOTE: Either the coordinates for the Action's location
  * or it's address can be used to construct the expected place
Place expectedPlace = new Place().setLocation(latitude, longitude)

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