Last updated 16 days ago

Get started by plugging in the SDK in your Android app

The HyperTrack SDK for Android is ~300 KBs in size and consumes 5% battery per day on average.

Sign up here to get your keys, and the follow the steps below to add the SDK.

Step 1: Add SDK

Add the SDK to your build.gradle.

// Import the SDK within your repositories block
repositories {
maven { url '' }
//Add HyperTrack as a dependency
dependencies {
transitive = true;

Step 2: Get permissions

Get location permission from the app user on the device. Also check if the user has turned on location services on the device.

HyperTrackCore.requestLocationPermissions(this, new LocationPermissionCallback() {
public void onLocationPermissionGranted() {
// Handle location permission granted
public void onLocationPermissionDenied() {
// Handle location permission denied

Step 3: Initialize SDK

Initialize the SDK with your publishable key.

//Initialize the SDK within the onCreate method of your Application subclass
public void onCreate() {
HyperTrackCore.initialize(this, PUBLISHABLE_KEY);

Step 4: Run your app

You are all set. It’s now time to compile and run your app.

Congratulations on configuring your app with the SDK