Migrate to New SDK

Last updated 3 months ago

Use this document if you are migration from an old SDK (v0.7.x and before) to the new SDK (v0.8.x and later)

How to migrate to the new SDK

  1. Remove the existing HyperTrack SDK

    1. Remove all the existing HyperTrack SDK methods that you have added to your app

    2. Make sure that your app compiles without HyperTrack. That’s to make sure that you have no breaking dependency on HyperTrack SDK

  2. Follow the steps to integrate the new SDKs

What has changed in the new SDK

  1. We automatically create and track a device as soon as you initialize the SDK

    1. You do NOT need to have a track_through_the_day rule anymore to track a device

    2. You can continue using pauseTracking and resumeTracking methods to pause and resume tracking

  2. You can get a device id using getDeviceID method. You can set name and metadata for a device so that you can link the device ids to your internal ids.

  3. There is no concept of USER object. Hence you do NOT need to call getOrCreateUser method. Which also means that you would have you do your own device<>user mapping