Javascript libraries

Views of HyperTrack dashboard can be added to any existing or new web-app using HyperTrack javascript libraries. Additionally this also allows you to customize the visuals and tailor the experience according to your business requirements. All the wrappers and helper libraries are written in Typescript. Authors building on top of these libraries can leverage typings information to get better auto-complete and compile time error.

[warning] Private beta

This library is currently under active development, so expect frequent updates which includes bug-fixes and features additions.

Options for integrations

Dashboard widgets

Dashboard widget urls can be embedded as iframe tag in any html page. Read more here

Libraries for visuals

Dashboard views can be embedded as angular( other framework coming soon!) components. The functionality of HyperTrack library is shipped as a ready to consume visuals built on different front-end framework. Integrating these component requires no knowledge of internal libraries and the view can be customized. By utilising internal libraries more features can be added in the ready-made views provided by the components.


Available as ht-angular npm module.

Learn more about available Modules and Services

More coming soon!

We are working on building similar wrapper for other front-end frameworks. If you require one now, please contact us, or build one on your own using HyperTrack libraries. Checkout angular wrapper code to understand how it is built.

Libraries for building visuals

All functionality required to build a dashboard is provided by a set of libraries. They help in fetching data from api, processing the data, and rendering them on maps optionally. These libraries can be used to create a completely customized view tailored to your requirement.

  • ht-api: Handles api calls for HyperTrack entities. repo
  • ht-client: Fetch and keep store on hypertrack data. repo
  • ht-maps: Framework for rendering dynamic data on map. repo)
  • ht-utility: Generic HyperTrack independent functions useful for generating display friendly text for ui. repo
  • ht-data: Handles processing of entities. repo
  • time-aware-polyline: Has utility functions for encoding and decoding location time series/time aware polyline. Also enables animation of marker over a polyline. repo
  • ht-models: Interfaces of all HyperTrack entities. repo


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