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HyperTrack lets you build location features, without worrying about infrastructure. We reduce the complexity of building and operating location features to a few APIs that just work.

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What you can build

Here are some location features that developers use HyperTrack for.

  • Metering: Meter the distance and time traveled by users
  • Alerts: Get programmable alerts for things that happen on the way
  • Tracking: Add beautiful tracking experiences within your product
  • Playback: Replay routes of trips and tasks with event annotations
  • Nearby drivers: Find nearest users to make smart assignments
  • Dashboards: Add useful location data within your dashboards
  • Request: Request tracking when user is on the way to a destination
  • ETAs: Get accurate ETAs for tasks in your trips

How it works

HyperTrack integrates in two easy steps:

  • Plug our SDKs into your driver app: Our lightweight mobile SDKs collect and beam up battery-optimized and time-aware location streams, that work across devices and network conditions. The SDK streams this data to the HyperTrack API server for filtering in real-time, consuming it for live tracking and storage for future analysis. Read about the SDKs.
  • Tell our REST API what you want to track: Based on your use case, call our dead simple APIs to track trips and more. None of the hassle, all of the control. Read about the API.

Once integrated, you get beautiful tracking visualizations:

  • For your business: Thoughtful, delightful and action-oriented dashboards to stay on top of your business. On your desktop and mobile. Easily embed the data or views into your own dashboards if you do not want to manage yet another place to log into.
  • For your customers: Use our Consumer SDKs to integrate a superior tracking experience that is one with your product experience. Available in-app and through the web.

In this documentation, you will find comprehensive guides for our SDKs, useful tutorials to build your favorite location features and detailed API references for a quick look at the entities.


Live demo of dashboard

See the live demo of the HyperTrack dashboard with live and historical views on your location data. The live views show last known locations and active trips on maps. The historical views show old trips can be replayed, and metrics like distance traveled, on-time performance for each driver.

Live demo of tracking experience

The best way to touch and feel the end customer tracking experience is to get the HyperTrack Live app on Android or iOS. This free demo app built using HyperTrack lets you send a live tracking link to your friends and family when you are on the way. The recipient will be able to track you live on the web or inside the app, depending on which is available.

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