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Web view of Placeline

HyperTrack Dashboard

HyperTrack provides you a ready-to-use dashboard with Placeline of all your devices. As soon as you plug in the SDK into your app, you would see the device on the dashboard. You can click on a device to view the Placeline of that device. Visit HyperTrack dashboard.

Web views

This product feature is still under development and is not available in production. Please reach out to us on Slack if you want an early access.

You can also embed Live Placeline into your own dashboard as widgets. E.g., to embed Live Placeline for device id 3ef61808-522b-4d0d-aedb-ce20905040c1 that is accessible on HyperTrack dashboard at https://console.hypertrack.com/device/3ef61808-522b-4d0d-aedb-ce20905040c1, you need to add /widgets in the URL and token as a query param. Hence the widget URL would be https://console.hypertrack.com/widgets/device/3ef61808-522b-4d0d-aedb-ce20905040c1?token=#token.

You can generate your token via the setup section on the dashboard.

Live Placeline on Web