With HyperTrack, you have two inegration options: Free to View and Pay to Play.

Free to View integration

Free to View integration comprises of you integrating the HyperTrack SDK in your app. Once integrated, you can visualize activity, location and health of your users on the HyperTrack dashboard. This free to view integration is useful to analyse the battery consumption of the SDK, and data accuracy. You can track unlimited users, for unlimited duration, all for free.

Pay to Play integration

Pay to play integration comprises of you using HyperTrack primitives to build your product. You can access these primitives via data (API or SDK methods), visualisations (SDK components, widgets) or events (webhooks) in your product.

You can pick between one of the two pricing plans in this tier:

  1. Pay per action
  2. Pay per user

See Pricing page for more details.

Billable action

An action becomes billable after you assign the action to a user. In the action lifecycle, you can start tracking an action after you assign the action to a user.

Billable user

An user becomes billable for that month only if the user was tracked atleast once in that month.

Test environment

We provide a free test environment for every account. It allows you to test your features for free as you build them. To use the test environment, use the correct API authentication token in your API calls.

Environment Example keys Description
Test pk_test_xyz123 Can have upto 20 users
Production pk_xyz123 No limits on usage. Need a credit card to use Primitives.

To see the test environment data, ensure that you are on the test environment on the dashboard.


You can delete test users to reset your test environment. There are API calls to delete individual users, or delete all users at once.

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