The location object contains the user's location coordinates in GeoJSON format, along with speed, bearing and altitude data. The object also gives the timestamp when that was recorded.

Location Object

Some of the properties have been marked as 'Coming soon'. They are not part of the object currently. Tell us if you need any of these properties and we will prioritise its development .

Name Type Description
recorded_at String ISO datetime string of when the location was recorded
geojson JSON object GeoJSON object to save the location coordinates. Each GeoJSON has a type=Point, and coordinates=[longitude, latitude]
bearing Float Bearing is the horizontal direction, represented as degrees east of north. Will be null if bearing is not available. Will be null when activity is stop
speed Float Speed of horizontal motion, in meters/sec. Will be null if speed is not available. Will be null when activity is stop.
altitude Float Altitude of device, in meters. Will be null if altitude is not available.
accuracy String Horizontal accuracy of the location, in high, medium and low.

Sample JSON

    "recorded_at": "2017-06-22T06:52:46+00:00",
    "geojson": {
        "type": "Point",
        "coordinates": [
            -122.39333, 37.77603

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