Q1. I am trying to install Android SDK, but i am getting Gradle dependency conflict errors.

The HyperTrack SDK includes following dependencies:

  • Google's Play Services libraries version 10.2.0 and higher (for location services)
    • play-services-gcm, play-services-location, play-services-maps and play-services-places
  • Google's Firebase Messaging library version 10.2.0 and higher (for GCM/FCM integration)
    • firebase-messaging
  • Android's v7 support libraries version 25.3.0 and higher (to enable PlaceSelector widget)
    • recyclerview-v7 and cardview-v7
  • Android's Volley library version 1.0.0 (for networking)
  • Eclipse's Paho & Mqttv3 libraries version 1.1.1 and higher (for networking)
  • Google's Gson library version 2.4 (for data serialization/deserialization)
  • HyperTrack's Smart scheduler version 0.0.7 and higher (for job scheduling)

The latest version of these libraries will be automatically included as transitive dependencies. To exclude transitive dependencies to resolve version conflicts, you can exclude the transitive dependencies from the SDK dependency by specifying transitive = false and including all the above mentioned dependencies separately, then clear your Gradle cache and sync your project.

Q2. How to get test credentials ?

  • Goto HyperTrack dashboard
  • Click on production/test toggle button to select Test.
  • Click on account setting icon and choose Account.
  • Copy Publishable key or Secret key.
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