After you plug in the SDK, HyperTrack generates Events that happen in the life of the user. For example, user arrived at a destination, user delayed by X minutes, and user turned off location. Read this case study to see how our customers use events to run their business.


Which events can I can choose from?

You can choose the events that you are interested in and only those would be sent to you. We are continuously adding to our list of events. You may customise your alerts to be delivered to specific groups of users.

Where can I receive events?

HyperTrack creates an event object for each event. This object contains all the relevant information about what just happened, including the type of event and the data associated with that event. Event objects can currently be delivered to you in real-time over 2 channels:

  • webhooks: HyperTrack sends the event object to URLs that you provide.
  • slack alerts: HyperTrack sends a human readable message on a slack channel of your choice with details about the event and a link to dig deeper.
  • </ul>

    How do I start receiving events?

    The prerequisite is to plug in the HyperTrack SDK into your user’s app. Once you see the first user on your dashboard, use these links to setup setup webhooks and setup slack alerts.

    Want a new event or a new platform to receive them?

    We are happy to integrate new delivery mechanisms to push events to you on your favourite platform. If you want to request a new event type or delivery platform, please write to us.


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