Embeddable Views

Customizable view is provided as a widget url, which can be embedded in any webpage using iframe.



  • Secret key is needed to be passed as query param of type key the widget url. E.g. https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/list/actions?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  • Widget url which is used in iframe. E.g. <iframe src="https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/map/users?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"></iframe>, here https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/map/users?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the widget url.

How to use

  • Any link in the dashboard can be converted into embeddable widget by appending widget/ after dashboard.com. E.g. https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/map/users?ordering=-num_trips can be embedded using the link https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/map/users?ordering=-num_trips&key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, where sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is secret key.
  • Add an iframe in the html page where embedded view is to be shown with the src attribute of iframe as the widget url. Also set height and width of the iframe.

Some useful widget url

  • https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/actions;lookup_id=<LOOKUP_ID>?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Actions lookup view, where <LOOKUP_ID> is the lookup_id of the actions.
  • https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/users/<USER_ID>/timeline;date=<YYYY-MM-DD>?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Timeline of a user, where <USER_ID> is id of the user, <YYYY-MM-DD> is the date of the timeline e.g. 2017-03-21.
  • https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/actions/<ACTION_ID>?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Action view, where <ACTION_ID> is the id of the actions.

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