Embeddable Views

Views on the HyperTrack dashboard can be embedded as iframe widgets. Use this guide to set these widgets up.




You need to pass a token in the query param key in the widget url.

  • For widgets that have no restrictions, you can use the account secret key to authenticate the widget. E.g. https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/list/actions?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Widgets can have access control with the group entity. In this case, pass the group's token as the key query param. These tokens are prefixed with gk_ and can be retrieved with the group. E.g. https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/list/actions?key=gk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Widget locations

  • Widget url which is used in iframe. E.g. <iframe src="https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/map/users?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"></iframe>, here https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/map/users?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the widget url.

Example urls

  • https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/actions;lookup_id=<LOOKUP_ID>?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Actions lookup view, where <LOOKUP_ID> is the lookup_id of the actions.
  • https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/users/<USER_ID>/timeline;date=<YYYY-MM-DD>?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Timeline of a user, where <USER_ID> is id of the user, <YYYY-MM-DD> is the date of the timeline e.g. 2017-03-21.
  • https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/actions/<ACTION_ID>?key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Action view, where <ACTION_ID> is the id of the actions.


  • Any link in the dashboard can be converted into embeddable widget by appending widget/ after dashboard.com. E.g. https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/map/users?ordering=-num_trips can be embedded using the link https://dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/map/users?ordering=-num_trips&key=sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, where sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is secret key.

  • Add an iframe in the html page where embedded view is to be shown with the src attribute of iframe as the widget url. Also set height and width of the iframe.

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